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 Making a difference while doing business

and Business Development

To maintain their success and reputation over the long term, all businesses and organizations need to pause to evaluate the ongoing relevance of their activities and review their way of doing things. As Peter Drucker, considered the top management thinker of his time, said: “The only thing we know about the future is that it is going to be different.”

In terms of organisational and business development, Landal offers the following services:

  • Conception, development, execution and evaluation of projects and programmes in the following fields:

o   human resource development,

o   health,

o   education and continuing education,

o   diversity, and

o   community economic development;

  • Expertise in good governance and business management;
  • Strategic planning;
  • Feasibility studies;
  • Business matchmaking;
  • Organisation of trade or promotional missions;
  • Facilitation and focus groups.


Landal offers affordable and practical training workshops that can help businesses grow or ensure sound governance and board development for non-profit organizations. In addition, made-to-measure training sessions to meet your particular training needs can be developed quickly on the following topics:

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Business Networking

  • Analysing your Financial Performance

  • Introduction to Bookkeeping

  • HST and Income Taxes

  • Exceptional Board Governance

  • Governance: Strategies for Sustainability

  • Governance: Strategic Planning, Strategic Thinking, Strategic Actions


Event Planning

The success of any event relies on an ongoing partnership and planning process with the client. It depends on solid planning and careful orchestration of a multitude of details that must come together to create the desired synergy. Landal has accumulated many years of experience in the organisation and coordination of events at a local, national or international level, be they symposiums, conferences or an international commercial exposition involving business matchmaking and industrial site visits.

In terms of event planning and coordination, Landal offers the following services: 

  • Overall planning of the event;
  • Event promotion;
  • Coordinating and recruiting resource people and participants;
  • Logistical coordination;
  • Event evaluation.

International Development

What makes Landal unique on the international stage is its field knowledge, its ability to adapt its expertise and knowledge to the particular context and needs of its client, the importance it accords to reinforcing capacity, its results-based approach and its capacity to deliver high quality services.

Landal’s international mandates have included elements of:

  • governance;
  • strategic and operational planning;
  • program design and management;
  • project design and financing requests;
  • business matchmaking and organisation of trade or promotional missions;
  • Delivery of training workshops.

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